Dr. Bob Myers of Wood & Myers pioneered the concept of ISOIMPLANT™ dental implants in late 2017 so that patients would be assured of receiving the safest and most durable implants and the best care possible.

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ISO stands for the International Standards Organization – an independent body of experts that establishes world-class specifications for products and services to ensure quality and safety. Manufacturers and consumers around the globe understand that is the most important seal of approval for products and services available anywhere. Now, patients can demand that their providers are ISO certified.

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The ISOIMPLANT™ network is expanding rapidly across the U.S. Connect with a provider near you today.

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Thank you for visiting the ISOIMPLANT™ dental implants homepage and congratulations for taking the time to do your homework on options for your upcoming surgery. This is one of the most important healthcare decisions you will ever make, and we are confident that after you’ve conducted your research, you’ll select an ISOIMPLANT™ and will choose to work with ISO certified oral health care providers and suppliers.